Mel Spencer

About Mel


Hi, I’m Mel. I’m not your usual Personal Trainer, seen to be eating weird and wonderful things, never having a day off and preaching exercise all day to everyone I meet. I train the same way I train my clients and so I know it works. It’s realistic and can fit into anyones lifestyle.


I graduated from The University of Liverpool with a degree in Biological Sciences and went on to work within the medical world. I had a daughter and took some time off to raise her. During this time I found exercise. It wasn’t something I loved straight away but with the help of a trainer I found it  was something that helped me relax and be a better parent. It also gave me body confidence after giving birth. I then had to return - with reluctance! - to my old job, which wasn’t ideal, so I decided to find a role that would allow me to utilise my new found passion for all things exercise! My Personal Training career was born!


I knew that a Personal Trainer wasn’t just someone that understands diet & exercise, but someone who has empathy and understands people and what they need. Gaining a qualification wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to learn from one of the top trainers in the UK to make sure what I delivered was the best service available, so that’s what I did over the first 12 months of my career.

Having been a Personal Trainer for 6 years, I decided to further my knowledge and become a Specialist Menopause Trainer. The majority of my clients in their mid 40's and 50's were presenting with the same/similar, issues namely weight gain (particularly around the middle), fatigue and low mood. I've seen the positive affects that exercise and correct nutrition can have on women during the menopause time and time again - that's what prompted me to solidify my knowledge and gain my qualification.


I’m always asked “What is personal training?”, and the only reply I can give is “what do you want it to be?”. It’s not about killing someone on a treadmill or asking them to eat steak for breakfast. I know through my own life that these demands are unrealistic, so why ask someone to do this if we know it won’t happen? I want to eat evening meals with my family so I adapt our meals to make sure we all eat the same, my exercise lasts no longer than 45 minutes a time because anything longer can become tedious. The key is to make sure you exercise smarter and eat regularly. If you stick to these rules you can’t go too wrong.


My goal with any client is to educate and have fun in every session we have. It’s not just about working hard in the gym, it’s about how you feel and I place a huge emphasis on that.


“If your heads not happy then your body won’t do it.”


Thanks for reading, take a look at my exercise principles for a bit more information.