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Mel is amazing. She is a lovely person and a tough taskmaster!

I was waking in pain every morning and nursing a range of injuries. My left shoulder had a severely reduced range of movement and was very weak.

After a few sessions the difference was already notable - I wasn’t waking in pain every day. Now a bit further on I am much stronger, have very little pain and have almost full movement in my shoulder for the first time in twenty years!

Complimentary training session


I've been working with Mel for 15 weeks now and I have enjoyed every second of every session. Training hard to try and improve my general fitness and ability to rotate more in my golf swing. Positive results from day one and I would recommend Mel's routines and very friendly approach to anyone seeking a PT. Thanks Mel, love our sessions.


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Making the decision to contact Mel has not only given me my body back but also my energy and confidence. When we began training together five months ago, I was not convinced it was possible to reverse the steady decrease in my energy and increase in my waistline. I had a hysterectomy in 2015 and have been adjusting to the menopause ever since. The ageing process felt like it had been supercharged  and I was falling apart physically and mentally.I was surprised how quickly I could feel and see the benefits and how do-able and enjoyable our sessions were.

Not only does she bring a high degree of expertise but she also listens and creates the training and nutrition programmes with you. She is wonderfully positive and encouraging and I am delighted with what I've achieved so far - and am optimistic about what we can achieve together going forward. At the end of each session I am energised, clear-sighted and keen to get on with the rest of my day - and I am retaining more of this positivity between sessions.

It was important to me to find the right trainer, who I could discuss my concerns with and have the knowledge to help - and a genuine interest in doing so. I could not have wished for better than Mel.

Mel Spencer PT


Highly recommend. Very friendly but professional trainer, goes that extra mile to put you at ease. Very flexible, accommodates your needs while pushing you that bit further, would recommend to anyone. Thank you Mel.


First session today, and writing this before my arms give up! Mel made me realise how little I know and how simple and effective this can be. Focused approach on my personal goals, great fun to be around. Highly recommended.


Mel is absolutely fantastic, I had a second session with her today and loved it more than the first! She's given me the confidence to use things in the gym that I'd probably normally avoid. She talks you through everything and most importantly doesn't judge you! You definitely know she's there to help & guide you so we all reach our goals & of course great to chat to while your working out!


Just made use of my complimentary training session with Mel. Not only is Mel friendly and approachable, but we had a laugh- all whilst she pushed me that bit further, encouraging me to use heavier weights. I feel confident in using some of the different machines now as well so thank you Mel.


First ever PT session done today with Mel, fab lady! Inspirational and so friendly! Loved our session and has spurred me on so much to achieve my goal!! Thanks Mel, highly recommended!!


I had a great first PT session last week with Mel, learnt so much as I am a real novice to the gym! Looking forward to great results and my next session! Thank you very much!

Mel Spencer Personal Trainer